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Politica Privacidad

Policy privacy

Legal warning

florist Flor La Alqueria (Decor Floral), with addressphysical en Calle deJesus, number 50,code postal 46007 of the city of Valencia Country Spain hereinafter described in these regulations as - (F. THE FARMHOUSE) - . It informs that the web page and its sub-pages are the property of F. La Alqueria, being responsible for the graphic design, introduction of elements, creation of articles, Texts, etc. J. Javier Escrich C. You can contact the person in charge by email at

In compliance with article 10 of Law 34 / 2002, of July 11, on Services of the Information Society and Electronic Commerce, the Holder exposes his identification data.
FLOWER LA ALQUERIA DECORATION FLORAL ARTis aflorist physical and its fiscal data are:
Owner and fiscal name: Fco Javier Cutanda Ruiz
*Address Fiscal:StreetJesus, 50 - cp 46007 - Valencia - (Spain).
Nif: 73.558.578-R 
WWW.FLORALQUERIA.COMis the official website of F. La Alqueria and its manager is:
Responsible:  J. Javier Escrich C.
It is reported that:
- Fco. Javier Cutanda Ruiz as tax representative hereinafterbe quoted in these regulations as (MANAGER).
-  J. Javier Escrich C. as responsible for the websitebe quoted in these regulations as (ADMINISTRATOR).
- Anyone who uses the web and its services from now on will be identified in these regulations as (USER).
- Any person or entity that receives the item(s) ordered by the User will be identified in these regulations as(ADDRESSEE).
- In general when the word  appears in these regulationsF. THE FARMHOUSE or WebIt will refer to the *Physical store or Page and its sub-pages.


- The manager and administrator is not responsible for the misuse of the contents of this website by the user or third parties. Thus as possible Viruses, or similar that could cause damage to your computer/mobile/tablet or similar of the user or third parties, without prejudice to the manager or administrator. 


- The administrator is not responsible for any information not contained in this web page y therefore, not prepared directly and under the control of the administrator and its legal representatives or not published with your name. Specifically, the manager and administrator is not responsible for the content and information of the external web pages of third parties or companies connected by links to the web page of F . The Farmhouse 


- The administrator reserves the right to update / modify / prevent access or delete the contents of this web page F. La Alqueria and its sub-pages when it deems appropriate, temporarily or permanently without prior notice to the user.


- The administrator is not obliged to control the information and opinions that users transmit in the open forums, in the opinions of quality of service of this web page. Be that as it may, the administrator reserves the right to remove from its website any information or user opinion that is contrary to current legislation, especially when it means a violation of the rights and fundamental freedoms of the person.


- When it is necessary to use a password or username to access any service contained in these web pages, the user undertakes to keep it secret and to make diligent use of it. In case of loss or negligent use of the password, the user will be responsible for the use that third parties may have made of it.

- The manager and administrator reserves the right to modify these regulations of the website without prior notice to the user as long as these regulations are within the legality present in the kingdom of Spain.

disputes / Courts

The manager y administrator/responsible complies with and only recognizes the regulations and laws of the Kingdom of Spain in force. 


In the event that for whatever reason there wassome type oflitigation legal, this iswill solve in the courts of the city of


Valencia, Spain (EU), because it is in this city where the store isphysical  from the website: 

These regulations are written and under the understanding of the Spanish language (Spain). If you translate them, the language and understanding in which they were written will always prevail .

Ley proteccion de datos

Data Protection Act

Law of May 25, 2018

It is reported that in accordance with the Data Protection Law in force in the Kingdom of Spain  of May 25, 2018 identified as (RGPD or GDPR) for the countries Within the European Union, it is reported that the data provided by the user to the administrator will be treated according to the established legal regulations, this data being treated exclusively to provide service to the user in the execution of the contracted service.


According to European data protection regulations, in the event that your data is hacked from the database,  dariamos communicated in a_cc781905-5cde-3194-bb3b-1 36bad5cf58d_maximum term_cc781905 -5cde-3194-bb3b-136bad5cf58d_de 72h. to the appropriate authorities and the data protection agency.

Laworganic 15/1999

In accordance with Organic Law 15/1999 of December 13 on the protection of personal data, we inform you that your data

They will be incorporated into an automated file, previously communicated to the Data Protection Agency. The use of your personal data will be confidential and will be used exclusively to provide our services.

The person concerned, with regard to the personal data contained in this form, expressly authorizes the administrator to use them to inform about the activities, services and products of the company. If you do not give your consent, or to exercise your right of access, rectification or cancellation, please send us an email tofloralqueria@live.comor a certified letter to the registered office of the company located at c/ Jesús,44 - cp46007 - Valencia (Spain). Xavier's A/AF. La Alquería (Floral Decoration)

How we use the data provided.

For us, the data you provide us is important and that is why we assure you and guarantee that only we transfer them exclusively to third parties in order to carry out our services, they are not sold or transferred for publicity_cc781905-5cde-3194-bb3b -136bad5cf58d_nistatistics from third parties. 


Data provided by email:

The data you provide us by emailelectronic son to be able to communicate with you if necessary and treat themaccording to the current regulation of the law  ofprotection de valid data.

Data provideddare  from the Online Store:

At oursection de online store where you can make purchases online we will ask you for more information, because aswill understand are necessary for

to be able to give you our service.

Transfer of Data to third parties:

The manager alonemay assign the user data to third parties in the case of necessity and these being theessential to be able to execute theservice that we lend, such as to third parties for:


HEthey will yield the data for theshipment/Cast ofarticles from the online storeto company external fromMessenger service as the, name,address yphone of the recipient.


Also are assigned to third parties when the customer makes the paymentdare  from the payment gateway of the online store, name, surname,  address mailelectronic, bank details, etc.. theselast will be treated by the payment gateways to be able to collect the item andwill be the payment gateways who are responsible for their treatment and security.


When the user accepts the use ofcookies when starting the web tostatistics, ofGoogle Analytics , Ecwid, Kliken, Google ads and Wix (These external companies/applications only use the data to know the traffic of web users and carry outstatistics of use).


According to the norms of the law ofprotection de data,will be delivered topetition legal force majeure if requested.


At all times you have the right to your data and you can make anymodification, cancellation suspension o elimination about them, we store this data to facilitate your experience on our website, but you can exercise your rights by sending an emailelectronic con the heading you want to or by writing a letter to F. LA ALQUERIA c/Jesus, 44 cp 46007 Valencia Spain. citing the modality that you want us to execute. With theaffair "MY DETAILS"

If you need more information about rights and obligations you can visit this link where you will obtain more information at Spanish Data Protection Agency.


Information about Cookies

What are cookies

Cookies are small files created by websites that are visited to store browsing information and facilitate the online experience. Thanks to the management of the cookies, sites can keep open the session, record ando las_cc781905-5cde-3194 -bb3b-136bad5cf58d_site preferences and provide relevant content based on where you are.

There are two types of cookies:

  • Las first-party cookies, which are created by the site you visit. The site is displayed in the address bar.

  • Las third-party cookies, which are created by other sites. Some of the content you see on the web page you visit, such as advertisements or images, belongs to these sites.

On the Cookies Policy page you can consult all the information related to the policy of collection and treatment of cookies.

The Owner only obtains and keeps the following information about the visitors of the Website:

  • The provider's domain name (PSI) and/or IP address that gives them access to the network.

  • The date and time of access to the website.

  • The Internet address of the link leading to the website.

  • The number of daily visitors to each section.

  • The information obtained is completely anonymous, and in no case can it be associated with a specific and identified User.

  • Analytics cookies are loaded only once giving your consent to collect statistical data anonymous_cc781905-5cde-3194-bb3b-136bad5cf5 8d_during navigation del user in accordance with the law of Royal Decree 13/2012.

We use cookies for a better experience on our website. If you access our website you accept ourpolicy de cookies,


In case you do not want it, you can delete them from your browser.


We use them so that your browser remembers where you are andSo facilitate thenavigation further fast.

How to delete Cookies from your browser.


-Google Chrome.

-Microsoft Internet Explorer 6.0 or higher.

-Mozilla Firefox


If you want more information about cookies you can visit the official website ofCookie Policies(PDF file).

Normativa tienda online


Read our On-Line store regulations

dierctorio online

 Online store directory 

- Flor Natural.
- Artificial flower.
- Complements for the elaboration of the article.
- Small complement of accompaniment.

 Warranty of Service 

- When the User places an order on the website, it is done directly and without intermediaries with thefloristphysical F. LA ALQUERIA, this request being a service contract in force until delivery.

- Our website is suitable for all audiences, although to make purchases it will be necessary to have an authorized credit/debit card depending on the country of origin of the user and the legal age of use, we do not We can control this situation and we recommend that if you are a minor in your country of origin, be under the supervision of an adult to be able to make purchases on the Internet.


- The User is guaranteed that his orderbe carried out by a professional florist in the sector and will be carried out in ourfacilities with the best materials that we have available as flowers, greens and accessories that made up the selected article.

- We do it ourselves90% approximate shipments/shares with our media yalso we use a transport agency(Messenger service)specialized in the sector when the volume of orders is increasedguaranteeing you that the flowers arrive in perfect condition at their destination.

- We receive daily fresh cut flowers everydays of the best providers in Valencia,besides we select the ones we like the most foroffer it to him in the work we do.Also we proceed to treat and store them in our store facilities incameras refrigerators specific for flowers and greens for better maintenance since they are perishable products andSo de must handle.

- The user may navigate freely through the web pages and the pages assigned to online sales, whereyou will be able to choose the item(s) you need.

- The administrator reserves the right to de add/modify/eliminate any item from the online store without prior notice to web users.

- If the user has purchased an item from the online store and it has been modified/deleted but has made the purchase in that time interval, the item purchased will be respected if it has been paid on the payment gateway. But if the User has entered the article in the section de "FAVORITES" and this article has been modified/eliminated in that time interval, the changes made to the article will be applied.

- The user may acquire as manyarticles as you wish from the online store as long as they are not sold out or limited units for sale.

Politica Tienda Online

Policy Online Store.

- The Manager o Administrator reserves the right to modify or delete the policies and terms de this website always que be within the law, updating the latest version at the end of the regulations page with the latest date of_cc781905-5cde-3194-bb3b-13 6bad5cf58d_modification.

- The user has claim forms at our physical store at his disposal. Also can make any claim that he considers through email, or digital platform that is recorded with the digital signature.

- When the User places an order with F.LA ALQUERIA through the web, it is understood that they have read  and accepted our regulations by checking the corresponding box when placing the order.

- The images shown on the web reflect how the article is , being these images/photos guiding how the article is, since the article is made by hand by a florist could vary in shape, although we try to make them as similar to the image shown, keep in mind that we are human and not programmed machines, also_cc781905-5cde-319 4 -bb3b-136bad5cf58d_the season of the year in which they are carried out due to the lack of flower, the size of the flower because it is a natural cut flower, etc. right to modify the articles to our best judgment if necessary but always respecting harmony, color and economic price_cc781905-5cde-3194-bb3b-136ba d5cf58d_of the selected article .
policies yterms of this websitealways quebe within thelegality, updating the latestversion at the end of the regulations page with the last date of modification.

Descripcion Tienda Online

Description Online Store

- The online store will be defined by categories, these categories could vary their content_ cc781905-5cde-3194-bb3b-136bad5cf58d_according to_cc781905-5cde-3194-bb3b -136bad5cf58d_needs of the moment, in said categories will be sold products/articles_cc781905-5cde-3194-bb3b-1 36bad5cf58d_that also sold in_cc781905-5cde-3194 -bb3b-136bad5cf58d_the physical store. 

-CC781905-5CDE-3194-BB3B-13BAD5CF58D_Añadir new categories_c781905-5CDE-3194-BB3B-13B-36BAD5CF58D_O Remove according to_CC781905-5CDE-3194-BB3B-13B-13BAd5CF58D_TEMPORADAS , without warning to the user. Articles that are within the category may_cc781905- 5cde-3194-bb3b-136bad5cf58d_to be moved, modified or deleted.

- The main page of the online store is inside of the directory, with being the main page of the online store.

- Access to articles  is allowed through from other platforms or links for publication  or sale always prior authorization_cc781905-5cde-3194- bb3b-136bad5cf58d_from the Administrator. The administrator or Manager is not responsible for the possible causes that may affect his team of these external links (Links).

- Certain items such as those defined as complete or breakfast with flowers are purchased s by F.LA ALQUERIA to third parties to combine them in the same order of the User, these complements cannot be sold separately and we do not treat them in their manufacture, we simply acquire them from third parties to complete the order and offer the User of our website more articles. The articles defined as "Breakfasts with flowers" are made except de las flores by a company external to us, since they are unpackaged food products_cc781905-5cde-3194- bb3b- 136bad5cf58d_al vacío, being this external company that complies with all the corresponding sanitary regulations, we attach it to the flower order and send it to the destination indicated by the User.

- Some of the funeral homes in Valencia and surrounding cities charge an additional fee for power_cc781905-5cde-3194-bb3b-136bad5cf 58d_deliver to your facilities_cc781905-5cde-3194-bb3b -136bad5cf58d_bouquets, centers and crowns, we regret this situation but F. LA ALQUERIA is oblivious to these rules of these private funeral homes, according to_cc7819 05-5cde-3194-bb3b-136bad5cf58d_they are for manipulation of flowers external to them. For this reason, both we and our fellow florists are forced to charge this external supplement. This does not happen in all of them, only two companies apply this supplement, when you place an order of these characteristics you will have you must select the funeral home and the amount will be reflected, if applicable, and it will be added to your article. 

will be defined bycategories, arecategories could vary its content according to needs of the moment, in saidcategories sewill sell products/articles quealso sold in the storephysical


Prices / Invoices.

Online prices and payments

- In all articles de F. LA ALQUERIA are_cc7 81905-5cde-3194-bb3b-136bad5cf58d_reflected the prices of Sale to the public that appear on the screen, these prices have_CC781905-5CDE-3194-BB3B-136BAD5CF58D 94-BB3B -136bad5cf58d_Kingdom of Spain.

- The currency used to make the payment of o the article/s purchased is the Euro (€), this currency being the one used in the Kingdom of Spain and Union_cc781905-5cde-3194-bb3b- 136bad5cf58d_European. We only accept this currency when paying for items on our website.

- The User can make the payment of the articles by credit/debit card by  la pasarela_cc781905-5cde -3194-bb3b-136bad5cf58d_registered payment en F. LA ALQUERIA. This pasarela de pago providara toda_cc781905-5 cde-3194-bb3b-136bad5cf58d_the security and user experience that the uses For his part, the User of F. LA ALQUERIA agrees to use it and accept the regulations of said pasarela_cc781905-5cde-3194-bb3b-136ba d5cf58d_payment. In general, F. LA ALQUERIA will have of two payment gateway options and the User will select the one that may interest them the most, (both are secure using firewalls, and sll encryption security or similar).

- The User accepts that the payment gateways collect data from him in order to carry out the sale of the articles from the web.

- Only those articles that have been satisfied with their payment and reflected in our systems as paid will be served.

- In the event that a User repeats/double an order in the same period of time and this second order or more has to make the return, this will be made by the same system or payment gateway that you used at the time, would be communicated well by via telefónica_cc781905-5cde-3194-bb3b-136bad5c f58d_al 961102040 or by email_cc781905-5cde -3194-bb3b-136bad5cf58d_a as soon as possible taking into account that the possible return will be made within a maximum period of 15 days_cc 781905-5cde-3194-bb3b -136bad5cf58d_from the date on which we have evidence of what happened by the User. Bearing in mind that the payment gateways we use may charge some return costs for their management, although we try to ensure that this does not happen, it is not a decision ours but rather they are policies_cc781905-5cde -3194-bb3b-136bad5cf58d_private payment gateways, and accepted when their services are used.
articles de F. LA ALQUERIAare reflected the retail prices that appear on the screen, these prices have included % VAT_cc781905-5cde-3194-bb3b-136bad5cf58 d_that is in force at the time of making the online purchase corresponding to Kingdom of Spain.

Issued invoices

- When the User has completed the purchase process on the de F website. LA ALQUERIA este would receive in the mailelectronic provided avoucher de purchase with an attached pdf file, this attachmentIt will be the invoice corresponding to the purchase made on the web.

- The Invoice will be numbered with your order number o generated Invoice number with the Manager's data and those of the user that you have provided to be able to carry it out.

- Previously the Userthere will be marked the box or section forwrite data frombilling, the User will verify andsera responsible for said data to generate said invoice.

- In the event that the User no has requested an invoice and subsequently need invoice this iswill put contact by mailelectronic to the Manager through with the subject "application de invoice", will be sent to the User within a periodmaximum de 5days skilful almail electronic  that you provide us with thenumeration y store invoice modelphysical. The userwill have to provide in the mailelectronic the number generated from the order to know the data to which the order to be invoiced refers.

- En the invoices generated and issued from the web the % of VAT corresponding in force is not broken down, but it is included within the _cc781905-5cde-3194-bb3b-136bad 5cf58d_full price,be the User who has to break down % de  IVA (Sorry we can't break it down but the systemcomputer that we use from Ecwid does not give us thatoption). We would have to put the price without VAT on the screen and then on the payment page when you make this it will be added, so we think it is better that you see the total with VAT included on the screen for your information and then you if necessary I break it down.

- The User may ask us for a copy of his invoice if he needs it.

Billing number description:     F-A0-0-000 (Example)

F- : Bill

(Letter + Number) -: Online Billing ID.

(Number) -: Increasing consecutive numbering of the year.

(Three Numbers) -: Increasing consecutive numbering of Invoice. 

Politica de devoluciones

Policy  of Returns.

   We only accept certain product returns, you have to take into account that the product we handle and offer is perishable_cc781905-5cde-3194-bb3b-136ba d5cf58d_works and transforms expressly_cc781905 -5cde-3194-bb3b-136bad5cf58d_for your order, since this item is not sellable to another customer, for this reason we only accept returns when they meet these requirements set out below. In case of accepting the return, this será refunded in the same payment system that I do it, taking into account that the payment gateways can take up to 14 days to make the possible full or partial refund as appropriate. The payment gateways can charge a percentage for return management, this percentage of return of the gateways is the responsibility of the User according to their regulations, we are oblivious to these regulations.

- 1a/ If the purchased item had to be returned and it had to be removed from the destination where it was delivered, the collection postage will be deducted from the total that it had to return (the expenses of collection would be borne by the User).

- 1b/If the delivery of the article was made by the User or recipient in our physical store, the possible economic return will not be made until the article purchased by the User is in our physical store in perfect condition conditions, as delivered, making the delivery within the first twenty-four hours from the date of delivery to make the possible return, in the same way payment made by the User when placing the order and according to the regulations of the payment gateway, once this time has elapsed he will lose all guarantee and possible claim of the article.

- 2/ Any article that is intended to be returned will be examined, checking its goodness use,_cc781905-5cde-3194-bb3b-136bad 5cf58d_treatment and maintenance by a professional florist to verify its good condition and can be accepted as long as complies with our return regulations .

- 3/No returns are made to those articles that have not been correctly treated, handled and maintained by the User or the recipient, you can visit our blog to find out how they are kept taking into account that our articles are perishable and have a short useful life, we buy the flowers and greens of the best quality but these have a maturity process that implies their maintenance so that they last longer over time.

- 4/The User will have a maximum term to claim his right to possible return within the first twenty-four hours counting from the date of delivery, as long as it is not in the exceptions set out in our regulations for the possible return.

- 5 / The User accepts our return policy when he checks the "Terms and conditions" box on the page  when placing the order, Well, if said box is not checked, this does not give access to the payment of the item purchased on the web de F. THE FARMHOUSE. Next to this box the User will have access with a link to our regulations as well as access to them in the header and footer menus of each page and sub-pagina de being able to read and understand these regulations.

Causes admitted or not admitted for the refund complete or partial.

1- It will be accepted cause for a full refund if the order made by the User has not been delivered on the established date when carrying out the order without just cause on the part of F. LA ALQUERIA. (The cost of returning the payment gateway is our responsibility).

2- De rembolso completo will be accepted when the User sets the date of delivery of the item/s purchased that we are closed and we cannot give_cc781905-5 cde-3194 -bb3b-136bad5cf58d_servicio, such as Saturday afternoons, Sundays, national, regional or municipal holidays. Except for the days that coincide such as "Valentine's Day, Mother's Day called Campaigns. The refund will also be made if the date coincides with a day that we are closed for vacations, although normally we will have deactivated the online store it may be the case that the User places an order days in advance of the closure of the web temporarily and put date for delivery on a day that we are already closed. payment gateway cancellation fees will be borne by the User if applicable).

You can check the days we are open or closed Here.

- The User has the option of whether he wishes to be able to change the delivery of the article to another date, for example, one day before or one day after the initial date before making the refund and canceling the order. (Contact F. LA ALQUERIA to see the options).

3- It will be accepted cause for a full refund when the User inadvertently duplicates the same order with the recipient's name, address, contact telephone number, etc., all the same except for the number assigned to the order, (Normally you can cancel the order and it appears to us in our system as cancelled, but if for whatever reason there is duplication, tell us to take the necessary measures and stop the second repeated order and be able to refund it through_cc7819 05-5cde- 3194-bb3b-136bad5cf58d_the same payment gateway, we would try not to charge the cost of returning the gateway). The refund would only be for one order, the other would be processed as normal, the payment gateway could take up to 14 days to return it to your bank account.

4- It will be an accepted cause for a full refund when the User gets confused and places the order with delivery outside our delivery area. (See the "DELIVERY AREAS" section to find out which areas we have for delivery). Cancellation/refund expenses will be borne by the User.

5- It will be cause for a full or partial refund if applicable when the User cancels his order without justification before the date of delivery or collection in the physical store under the following regulations .

- If the order is canceled before de 24 hours. On the date of delivery, 100% of the total refund of the order will be made, except for the payment gateway cancellation fees, which are borne by the User.

- If the cancellation of the order la carries out between 24h and 1 minute before or the same day of_cc781905-5cde-3194-bb3b-136bad5cf5 8d_the date of the day of delivery it is possible that se make only the return between 50% or 100% of the article/s selected/s._cc781905-5cde-3194-bb3b -136bad5cf58d_The return of the transport if applicable would be 100%, keep in mind that the return costs of the payment gateway will be borne by the User. (This is due to that your order may already be in process and made ready to be delivered to the destination on the indicated date, taking into account that the product may already be made and has been made expressly for the User who requested it, being this not salable to another client). If el User places the order to deliver on the same day that the order is placed, this regulation will also apply if applicable.

In the event that the delivery has been made at the destination or the recipient has withdrawn the order from our physical store upon acceptance of delivery, no refund will be made to the User.

6- If the possible cancellation/claim es for reasons of delivery. See and read the definitions of the regulation section "DELIVERY/SHIPPING".

7- If the possible cancellation/claim is due to a product defect, see and read the definitions of the regulations "PRODUCT".

8- It is not admitted cause of return, change, refund o reclamation neither complete nor partial if it is not put incontactwith us in the first 24 hours from the date of delivery.

9- If it is an accepted cause of return, refund when the User makes a purchase and the item is out of stock and the system has charged the amount, (In general, the system blocks this out-of-stock item to prevent its sale but it could be the case for this situation to occur). 100% of the refund will be made once we have verified the charge in our system. It would be paid to you through the payment gateway you chose, it is possible that the amount may take up to 14 days to be reflected in your bank account, the cost of the payment would be borne by us.

10- Any full or partial refund accepted will be made by the same payment system that the User made, the refund could take up to 14 days to be reflected in the User's bank given that they are the regulations of the gateways payment. The return costs will be  to assume the User or us depending on the situation according to the regulations.

Policy  of Returns.

Dev. Dec. Online

Regulations only applicable toarticles sold in thissection  from the web. "ONLINE DECORATION".

According to the legal regulations you have 14days  to make any type of claim for an item purchased online, this will apply from theday de sureception, once this time has elapsed, anyclaim be nula. You can inform us by email so that there is a written record ofclaim before that period.

How to proceed for the possibleclaim:
  -put on contact us by emailbesides deby phone.
  - In the email state yourclaim,Photography of the article that arrived (in case it arrived broken, in poor condition, or it was not whatacquired on the web).
  -identify yourself with the order number and if you were givenvoucher de delivery take a photo upon receipt andattach it  to email.

In case ofreturn of the money from your purchase, keep in mind that the cost ofshipment the fee will not be paid oncecommodity acquired for you have left ourfacilities.

Thereturn the amount of the article will be made by the samemethod  payment that I use when making the purchase, taking into account that it can take up to 14days en reflected in your bank account. (Payment gateway rules).

Depending on the type ofreturn thiscould incur expenses ofprocessing and thesewill be at the expense of the user/recipient.

HEprocessed the return once the article is in thefacilities de F. LA ALQUERIA. (The item purchased by the Userwill have to be in ourfacilities beforethirty days from the date of the claim, once this time has elapsedmay perform noneclaim/return o exchange of the purchased item losing any rights).

It will be the User who with his means delivers the article to ourfacilities,may make thereturn of the item purchasedhanding it over  himself or sending his transport agency to the streetJesus, 50 cp. 46007 F. LA ALQUERIA with the concept (Order number assigned when I made the purchase and the name of the person who made the purchase). delivery in ourfacilities will have to be carried out within the period before thetime said previously, once the deadline has passed, it will not be carried outno type ofreturn, exchange or refund to the user losingany claim y endingSo your litigation.

Once the article arrives at ourfacilities in the assigned period we will proceed to examine the article, see the exposed conditions that it has had and depending on the result, once examined we will contact the User whoacquired the articleindicating the result obtained and give you the bestsolution to the problem. This process can take up to sevendays from the date ofreception of the article in our facilities.

  - If a delivery arrives and you notice that the packaging isdeteriorated broken or in poor condition take a photo before unpacking and very importantdo it costar on the carrier receipt, once receivedput on contact us by email before 14days and attach thePhotographs of the article on the outside withoutI opened yPhotography of the state of the article inside the box.
This regulation is only applicable if theshipment we do it with an agency hired by us, if you are the onesend the transport agency to collect the item purchased on our websitewill have  you have to deal with the transport agencyclaim declining anyclaim a F. LA ALQUERIA.

 - No refunds will be made for late deliveries unless the deadline date exceeds by more thanthirty days from the date of departure from our facilities. Normally thearticles delivered by national agencies in the national territorypeninsular take from 24h to 76h. If after this period the delivery has not been madeput on contact us to make therelevant diligencias, When they leave ourfacilities losarticles acquired these arethey send by agency and it is the agency that assigns us a tracking number, we provide it to you so thatcomfortably know where you can go and the processes before the item purchased by the user arrives.
This regulation is only applicable if the
shipment we do it with an agency hired by us, if you are the onesend the transport agency to collect the item purchased on our websitewill have  you have to deal with the transport agencyclaim declining anyclaim to F. LA ALQUERIA

If you have not received the item purchased on our website within 48 to 76 hours. sincehe left of ourfacilities put on contact us byphone o emailInformation of what happened. If the transport agency does not give positive results, we will carry out the possible return, note that thisoption we will only do it atshipments made byus with the transport agency that we have contracted to provide service in the Spanish mainland, this regulation does not apply if you are the onesend the transport agency to withdraw the purchased item from ourfacilities to send. Our advice when I do thehiring from the transport agencywould receive unnumber package tracking, with that number call or enter the tracking website of the agency or expose what happened and make theclaim relevant. If this is the case F. La Alqueria will not carry out anyreturn, cambio  or similar,will have queclaim it to your transport agency theresolution  that they can offer you.


condiciones repartos
Condiciones de entrega/envio

Delivery/Shipping Conditions. For the "ONLINE FLORISTER" section

When the User acquires an article from the web, he can choose between two modes of delivery of the order.

Pick up in Physical Store:

- The User or Recipient can pick up the article/s at our physical store at c/ Jesús, 50 Bjo. Left cp. 46007 - Valencia (Spain).

- To withdraw from our facilities you will have to identify yourself with the order or recipient number, presenting the mail that arrived when you did it either printed on paper or presenting it in digital format.

- When the order is readyTo pick up at the store you will be sent an emailconfirming that the order is ready to be withdrawn.

- The collection in store will be during the hours of the physical store open to the public in the time slot that I stipulate, you can see our schedulehere.

- When the article has been delivered, it will proceed to put it in our system as delivered, ending the service by F. LA ALQUERIA with the User.

- When the User indicates in the order that he picks up the order in the store, neither postage nor delivery is charged. 

- It may be the case that the user indicates that he collects in the Store and for whatever reason the delivery had to be made by our means to an address without having paid for the shipment. If that were the case, the User could opt for the following options.

1- The cost of the shipment would be paid by the User or Recipient in the store before being sent to its destination.(Previous acceptance by both parties and accepting the home delivery regulations).
2- The cost of the shipment could be paid by the User with a credit card over the phone.(Previous acceptance by both parties and accepting the home delivery regulations).
3- The cost of the shipment could be paid by the User or Recipient at the destination in cash.(Previous acceptance by both parties and accepting the home delivery regulations).

Shipment and Delivery at Destination.
- When the User places an order on the web, he has the option that the item(s) he chooses be sent and delivered to an address and a recipient.

- This service will have a cost depending on the destination to be delivered, ranging from €7.50 to €22.(When you select the destination population, the appropriate amount will be added).

(Mainly we carry out repairs in Valencia Capital and Cities around it)


-Valencia City (Inside the city)
46001 - 46002 - 46003 - 46004 - 46005 - 46006 - 46007 - 46008 - 46009 - 46010 - 46011 - 46012 - 46013 - 46014 - 46015 - 46017 - 46018 - 46 019 - 46020 - 46021 - 46022 - 46023 - 46024 - 46026 - 46035_cc781905- 5cde-3194-bb3b-136bad5cf58d_

-Cities and Urbanizations where we also carry out Delivery / Shipment.
If the city or urbanization does not appear, we do not deliver, you can contact us to find out if it could be done.

- Albal: 46470 - Alboraya: 46120 - Alaquás: - Aldaia: 46940 - Albalat Dels Sorells: 461135 - Alfara Del Patriarca: 46016 - Alfafar -
- Benetússer: 46910 - Beniparell: 46469 - Bétera: 46117 - Bonrepós i Mirabell: 46131- Burjasot: 46100
- Catarroja: 46470
- El Saler: 46012 - El Puig: 46540
- Foios: 46134
-Godella: 46110
- Massanasa: 46470 - Masamagrell: 461130 - Manises: 46940 - Meliana: 46113
- Mislata: 46920 - Moncada: 46113-46116 - Museros: 46136
- Eliana: 46183
- Paiporta: 46200 - Paterna: 46980 - Picaña: 46210 - Poble Nou: 46016 - Port Saplaya: 46550 - Puebla De Fernals (City) - 46550 - Puebla De Fernals (Beach): 46137 - Puzol: 46530.
-Quart De Poblet: 46930
- Rafel Buñol: 46138 - Rocafort: 46111, 46112
- San Antonio De Benageber: 46184 - Sedavi: 46910 - Chair: 46460
- White Taverns: 46025 - Torrente: 46900
- Xirivella (Chirivella): 46950 
-Vinalesa: 46114S
- Urbanization: Campo Olivar: 46110
- Urbanization: Cumbres de San Antonio:
- Urbanization: El Vedat de Torrent: 46901
- Urbanization: Mas Camarena: 46117
- Urbanization: El Bosque: 2001
- Urbanization: Santa Barbara

Delivery schedules.
The User can select the time slot for us to make the delivery. The deliveries will be made in that time slot, we do not deliver at a specific time, if the User for whatever reason told us to make the delivery  at a specific time we would try to do it but we cannot guarantees that it could be done.

The User may select an option from the three proposals:

INDIFFERENT:The delivery will be made to the recipient from 9:30 a.m. to 1:30 p.m. or from 5:00 p.m. to 8:00 p.m. on the day selected.

IN THE MORNING:The delivery will be made to the recipient from 9:30 a.m. to 1:30 p.m. on the day selected.

IN THE AFTERNOON:The delivery will be made to the recipient from 5:00 p.m. to 8:00 p.m. on the day selected.

- If the User wants a delivery outside the delivery hours, he will have to first contactcontactwith us to find out if it can be done.

- The User undertakes that the Recipient will be at the address provided and in the time slot to make the delivery.

- A single Shipment/Delivery is made per order to the same address, with a single trip to the same destination. It may be the case that when the delivery is made at the destination, the Recipient is not at the indicated address and cannot make the delivery at that moment. In that case, F. LA ALQUERIA could choose the following options.

1- In the event that the recipient is not at home when we make the delivery, we will call you by phone that the User provided us to indicate that we have a delivery in your name and we cannot make it because you are absent, you will be told if you are You can leave the item with a trusted neighbor, the farm concierge or a family member or close acquaintance, if the recipient authorizes us to do so, we would proceed to deliver the item, the recipient being the one who picks it up where you indicate, thus ending the delivery service. F. LA ALQUERIA. 

2- In case of not being able to make the delivery at destination due to the absence of the recipient or being able to carry out step (1). We would proceed to take the article to our facilities, we would contact the recipient or User to inform them that the delivery has not been possible, they will be informed of the steps to follow depending on the following options.

Failed delivery options:
(A) - The recipient or User could pick up the Article in our store and thus ending the service of F. LA ALQUERIA. (There will be no refund of delivery because F. LA ALQUERIA already made a delivery and due to absence at destination it could not be made).

(B) - If the delivery is within the city of Valencia within a radius of 2 km from our physical store, a second delivery could be made at no additional cost to the recipient or to the User who placed the order, prior confirmation that the recipient is at address  when it is done. Once delivered, the service of F. LA ALQUERIA will be terminated.

(C) - If the delivery is more than 2 km away from our physical store, the User or Recipient will be charged the shipping and home delivery costs that correspond to the second delivery trip to the indicated address, after confirmation that the recipient is at the address when it is performed. The payment of the second trip will be borne by either the User or the Recipient, you can make the payment in our physical store (Before making the shipment), by credit card by telephone, or upon delivery (only in cash), if not the second trip is paid, the article would not be left at destination, losing the right to any possible claim. Once delivered, the service of F. LA ALQUERIA will be terminated.

(D) - If when the User enters the delivery data incorrectly and for this reason it is impossible for us to make the delivery on the first trip, the recipient will be called to correctly give us the new address, if this new address is within less than 1km from the one given erroneously there will be no travel costs to the new delivery address, but if the new address provided by the Recipient is greater than 1Km from where we are, the delivery costs will be borne by either the Recipient or User, prior authorization from both parties. The costs will depend on the new destination and will have to be paid before the item is delivered either by credit card by phone or in cash at the new destination (No item will be left if the new delivery costs have not been paid ). Once the delivery is made, the service of F. LA ALQUERIA will be terminated.

(E) - In the event that the competent authorities cut off public roads and prevent delivery at destination. In this event, F. LA ALQUERIA would make the delivery when the roads are in use authorized by the competent authorities, informing the Recipient that due to force majeure it has not been possible to make the delivery and that it will be made when possible. If the delivery is not made within a maximum period of 5 days, we would repeat the article again since we would keep it in our facilities in optimal conditions. Once delivered to the recipient at destination, the service of F. LA ALQUERIA would end. 

(F) - Due to justifiable Major Cause of F. LA ALQUERIA. If this were the case, we would try to solve it as soon as possible, we would contact the User if possible to notify them of the reason for not being able to carry out their order, taking the appropriate measures after consulting with the User.

Delivery/Shipping not made due to Lack of Data, rejection of the recipient or failure to perform the service in the delivery area indicated in the order when the User made it.
It may be the case that when we make the shipment it cannot be made for specific reasons, below we describe some of them and the options that would be applied.

- If when we are going to make the delivery / shipment of the article that the User selected and in the order, all the necessary data is not correctly included, such as:
Name of the recipient, full delivery address, contact telephone number, we will proceed to contact the User through the means that he left us and make the modification to make the delivery, in case the user does not know or does not contact us we would try contact the Recipient to solve the problem, if even so there is no way of knowing the correct address data to make the delivery/shipment of the article, we would leave it up to three days in our store to be able to make the delivery (counting the date from the day the User set to deliver). Once the three days have elapsed and the item has not been delivered, it will be irrevocably destroyed, with the User or Recipient losing any possible claim. No full or partial refund will be made for the article or for the shipping costs, thus ending the service of F.LA ALQUERIA. It is accepted that the User could make the delivery/Shipping to another Recipient of the item that he selected to another Recipient as long as this Recipient is in the same delivery area and on the same delivery date. The User could also pick up from our physical store the articulo  that he requested, but the delivery charges would not be paid. Thus also ending the service provided with F. LA ALQUERIA.

If it were the case that the Recipient rejected the order that the User made for him, the following measures would be taken.

- We would proceed to communicate it to the User through the means that I indicated, they would be told what happened, the User would have the option of picking up the item from our physical store or being able to send the item to another user, the shipping costs will depend on the delivery area or the times that delivery has been attempted to the original Recipient. In the case of not opting for these options, you will not bewill perform neither complete nor partial refund, losing any type of claim to F. LA ALQUERIA, thus ending the service of F. LA ALQUERIA with the User.


1- Delivery areas that we do not serve.
If the User places an order to be delivered in an area that we do not serve, this order will not be made, the return costs will be borne by the User, taking into account that the return will be made through the same payment gateway that made the order. This payment gateway can make the payment up to 14 days from the start of the claim. Thus ending the service of F. LA ALQUERIA.

2- Areas that do not coincide in distribution.
If the User writes and gives us the delivery address data / sent a population but when selecting the delivery area I select a different one, the following procedure will be followed:

- The User will be informed, he will have the option to modify the delivery / shipment, indicating where the delivery has to be made, depending on the destination of the order, the delivery cost will be modified, the difference being provided by the User by card payment credit / debit by phone or paying the difference in the physical store before making the shipment. You can choose to cancel the order, in which case the order would be refunded minus the costs of the payment gateway that I use, this refund could take up to 14 days to be reflected in your bank. If option (1) were given, the regulations would apply. Thus ending the service of F.LA ALQUIERIA.

To avoid some of the situations described in this regulation, we reserve the right to contact the Recipient prior to delivery by the means that the User communicated to us about the Recipient. In no case would we notify the Recipient who made the order and its content, unless the Recipient insists that they want to know. 

Entregas Deco Artificial

Delivery and Shipping Conditions

These regulations only apply to thissection "ONLINE DECORATIONS".

The user who purchases an item on our websitewill have of three options:

1º You can pick up the purchased item directly in our storephysical located in Calle deJesus, 44 cp. 46007 of the city of Valenciaidentifying with the receipt that was generated when processing your order on the webpresenting it physically o digitally when withdrawing within the assigned period.

2º The user can hire ourservices deshipment.
_CC781905-5CDE-3194-BB3B-13BAD5CF58D_ _CC781905-5CDE-3194-BB3B-13BAD5CF58D_ _CC781905-5CDE-3194-BB3B-136BAD5CF58D_-If it is in the city of Valencia. The city, the delivery of thesearticles will be delivered within 24 hours. to 48h., If the user wants it to bedeliver in the sameday will have  to communicate it byphone to be able toreview if possible. The cost of this servicewill come out al user in the purchase process.

If heshipment of the article must be carried out in the challenge of Spain to indicate to the user that this regulation is only applicable to the Spanish Peninsular territory (Canary Islands, Balearic Islands, Ceuta, Melilla and abroad we do not carry outshipments with thisoption).

Peninsular deliveries are made by hiring a transport agency with national territory,will be they who will make the delivery as it is acompany third you agree that the data provided we cangive them up temporarily to be able to give hisservice professional. The user who buys on our website and has to use this service accepts the conditions andregulations de the external company contracted by us in order to better provide itsservice.

The delivery of thearticles acquired on our website and sent by the agencytransportation externalwill be delivered within 48 hours. to 76h., in case of any incident you can contact us at 961102040 or or you can contact the transport agency assigned with thenumber  tracking that we will provide.

3º You can send the agency oftransportation to withdraw from ourfacilities the article purchased on the web. Thisoption is recommended if the user wants the delivery to be in areas that we do not service.

Proceed as follows if you want to use thisoption:

  - Place the order and choose thisoption in the purchase process.
  -tell him to your agencytransportation ouraddress and our hours open to the public of the storephysical,also tell them the order number assigned on your invoice and the name of the person who placed the order.
  - Give the collection order within 48 hours. a  76h asmaximum de withdrawal of the item purchased by you. If the 76h period passes. and your agency has not come to pick us upwe would put contact you to indicate thesituation.
  - Once your transport agency withdraws from ourfacilities the article purchased by you will notify you by email of the withdrawal endingSo the service contract between F. La Alqueria and the user.
 - F. La Alqueria or its manager or manager are not responsible for the item purchased by the user once the item has leftour facilities y sent by the transport agency thatacquired the user. In case of anyanomaly be the client who has to claim his agency for anysituation dada in theshipment.


confirmacion entregas

Delivery/Shipping Confirmation.

When the order placed by the User is delivered, he will receive by Email a confirmation of "DELIVERED" thus ending the service of F. LA ALQUERIA.
It is also possible that you receive, in addition to the email sent , an SMS to the mobile phone number that you provided us indicating in its content the delivery of the order to the Recipient.

It is possible that for the reason that User receives an email with the text "WILL NOT BE DELIVERED" This email indicates that the order will not be_cc781905-5cde-3194-bb 3b -136bad5cf58d_entregado depending on the cause, this email also ends the service of F. LA ALQUERIA.

It is understood that when the User's order has been delivered satisfactorily by both parties, the relationship between the User and F. LA ALQUERIA has ended.



- 90% of the articuló that we sell on the web and offer to the User is a perishable product cut flowers and greens with a limitation of fresh time, it will be by the User o Recipient those responsible for their maintenance so that they last longer once delivered, in our blog you can find tips for their maintenance and better conservation.

- The images offered reflect the products that realizamos by us in our physical store, being these oriented to the User or Recipient as a reference of what they can acquire, taking into account that are guiding and made manually as florist artisans that we are, cannot be the object of a claim or return if they are not exactly the same as the one offered in the image, they can always vary in placement, distribution, intensity of color, volume,_cc781905-5cde- 3194-bb3b-136bad5cf58d_ etc. always respecting on the part of F. LA ALQUERIA the color tone and price of the product if a component of the article had to be replaced, guaranteeing that good quality materials were used in the substitution.

- All the products on the web for sale have the price on the screen, the price includes if applicable the flowers, greenery, packaging, wrapping, labor and the corresponding taxes. Shipping costs are not included, these will be added to the total during the purchase process if applicable.

- Our articles/Products are subject to the season of the year that there are flowers and greens available, that is why in the event that the User places an order and at the time of year that it is made, it is not possible to do it as indicated. presented on the web, so we reserve the right that the composition of the article can be modified and replace the elements that are out of season with others that are in that season after consulting the User if appropriate. This modification will always be with flowers or greens of equal or greater value than the one exposed, maintaining the harmony of the composition and quality. This regulation is not the subject of a claim or cancellation by the User, as long as the difference is 90% of the composition. Example, if the User requests an article that incorporates rosas in the composition and it is carried out an article substituting the roses for daisies this type of modification is cause for a claim, but if the User places an order that has lilium L.A y in substitution put lILIUM LO this is not a cause for claim or cancellation, since the substitution is within the range of similar flowers (be round flower, higher cost and Best Quality.

These regulations are publicly displayed for the reading and understanding of the User who accesses the website and uses the services of F. LA ALQUERIA. However, before any application of them, the User can contact F. LA ALQUERIA for any clarification of them, since what matters most to us is to give the best service to the User.


These Regulations displayed on this website enter into force from the day 10/01/2021, which is the date of publication.

You can access the General Regulations of F. LA ALQUERIA through the links that refer to them in any link on the web. or by downloading the PDF file. (Regulations of F. LA ALQUERIA).

- Si Your navigation is done from a desktop computer


You can read the regulations on screen or by downloading the attached PDF file. (Regulations of F. LA ALQUERIA).

- If you browse from a mobile device

(Phone, Tablet or similar).

You will have que download the attached PDF file (F. LA ALQUERIA Regulations), where you can_cc781905-5cde-3194-bb3b-136bad5cf 58d_read the regulations, if you prefer to read them on the screen your device will have you will need to modify the option of your browser by clicking on the option of "computer version" that is on your device in the browser you use, it will change the browser and display the web as if you were looking at it on a desktop PC exposing our Regulations on the screen.

flor la alquería




 covid - 19 

Extraordinary regulations due to COVID-19.

The following extraordinary regulations set forth here will prevail if applicable over the General Regulations of F. LA ALQUERIA and the Regulations issued by the competent authorities on these.

Unfortunately, since March 14, 2020, we are in a continuous state of changes and customs that affect us all due to the pandemic that affects the entire planet, therefore for the good of all, of the users of the recipients and the F. LA ALQUERIA workers will take all precautions and measures to avoid being infected or spreading the virus.

If we normally clean our facilities from the day of the pandemic this cleaning becomes more intensive with specific Anti-Covid products to preserve health.

Every time we receive materials, they go through a disinfection process, the external packaging is removed, and handling is done with protection to avoid possible contagion.

The preparation of the work will be carried out with the protection of masks, face screen and gloves if applicable, in addition to continuous hand washing.

We will maintain these described customs until the competent authorities end the state of pandemic. They may be modified by F. LA ALQUERIA at any time as long as they do not affect public health.


The following measures regarding transport/shipment will prevail over the measures of the general regulations in times of pandemic.

In our vehicle we have a reserve of masks, gloves and hydro-alcohol to deliver safely to the user/recipient.

Deliveries will be made with a mask and, if possible, a minimum safety distance.

The Recipient's signature will not be requested upon receipt of the delivery to avoid el maximum contact or proximity to it for health security.

We will respect and abide by the guidelines that the places of delivery may have, (Hospitals, Ambulatories, Residences for the 3rd Age, Public or private buildings, Funeral homes, etc...).We recommend that before placing an order by the User on the web, make sure that the destination can receive deliveries. If the User places an order to deliver to a place such as those mentioned above, the following procedure will be followed.


The first thing keep in mind that the entrance to the Hospitals are very restrictive, allowing only one companion per patient in the room, therefore we would contact the Recipient by phone so that his companion can pick up in his/her name the article that the User bought on the web for him/her. If this cannot be done, the Recipient will be given the option of delivering the item to another address within the same delivery area.


The deliveries that have to be made in Public Outpatient Clinics or Private Medical Clinics will be made under their regulations, following the guidelines that they indicate to us to make the delivery, it is possible that they stay at the reception and they contact the Recipient to be the recipient who picks it up at reception.


It is possible that residences for the 3rd age have restricted the entry to their facilities of any outsider, for this reason we recommend that before placing the order on the webCheck with the residence if they agree to enter the order you want to do with us.. However, we would proceed as follows when making the delivery.

We would adhere to the regulations of the residence under their supervision, we would leave the order at the reception, they being the ones who would be in charge of delivering the item to the Recipient. It may also be the case that they leave the item outside their facilities without entering the building and they will be the ones in charge of delivering it to the recipient.


Home deliveries will generally continue to be made as normal, but maintaining these safety regulations.

- When we make the delivery at the destination and when calling the recipient, he can choose the following modalities.

1-The article is brought up to the plant and delivered by hand, maintaining the maximum safety distance.

2-The item is brought up to the floor and the item is left on the ground, we proceed to knock on the door and it is the recipient who picks it up from the ground.

3-When we arrive at the destination, the Recipient can choose to leave the item inside the elevator, reaching the recipient inside, picking it up.

4-Upon arrival at the destination, the Recipient can choose to go out into the street and pick up the item that we will have left from the patio to avoid physical sanitary contact.

We reserve the right to modify any article in its composition due to lack of material when making it because you have to understand that due to the pandemic our flower and green suppliers do not have stocks to supply the florists, that is why we will make the article under our best criteria, trying to maintain the color tone and of course the economic value of the article. Being this cause not option of claim or cancellation of the User to F. LA ALQUERIA.

These Regulations could be modified without prior notice to the User or Recipient, depending on the Regulations imposed by the competent authorities autorizadas. 

Take care and hopefully we can remove these extraordinary regulations as soon as possible.


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