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Sala de bodas decorada con flores naturales y artificiales


We are a leading Florist in the city of Valencia, professionals in the sector with a track record of more than 25 years creating unique spaces for our clients. We make decorations with fresh flowers and Artificial flowers of the best quality in our work.

We are a florist with a long history in the world of floral art.

Our passion for flowers and creativity has led us to offer exceptional services to our clients.

We carry out personalized floral work for those who request it. 

You can hire our services to decorate rooms where you celebrate your event. Whether it is a wedding, birthday party or corporate conference, our best quality flowers will add a touch of elegance and freshness.


We will take care of the assembly and disassembly so that you or your organization do not have to worry about anything.

Request an appointment and we will be happy to assist you with whatever you need.

Decoracion con flores semana santa

Natural flowers

We make decorations for religious events with Natural Flowers.

Flowers have always had a lot of relevance in religious events, we as florists in Valencia have participated in many of them, giving our creativity to make the best floral decoration.

We decorate processional Andas, Easter decoration, May Crosses, Altars for masses, etc.

You can count on our decoration services and we will put all our professionalism into it.

Cruces de Mayo de Valencia
Virgen de los desamparados
decoracion en valencia

Decorations with flowers for religious events.


Our services with Natural Flowers.

We will integrate the colors of the flowers with your business brand if you wish, using fresh flowers in harmony with the environment.

Decoracion mesas empresa

Floral Decorations for Company Dinners.

Decoracion palacio de congresos
Todo preparado en el #Ateneo para el #desfile de Amado peletero y la Fundación Funave a la

Decorations of Spaces for Company Events.

We are a leading florist in the floral world with artificial and preserved flowers and greens with more than 25 years of experience in this sector.


Decorations with Artificial Flowers

As artisan florists we have made and carry out different decorations with artificial flowers of the best quality, we also have and create artificial trees to decorate spaces where natural plants cannot survive.

In our physical store you will find floral arrangements made by us by hand with high quality flowers. We use our own techniques for each composition, these being unique in the market since they are made manually, which is why you will not find two alike.

Home decoration is important because it is where we have to feel good in our environment, the ideal would be to create the space with natural plants and flowers but sometimes it is impossible for us for many reasons, that is why we try to create spaces that are as natural as possible. And that is why we use artificial flowers of the best quality, at La Alqueria florist we care that the compositions we create are as natural as possible to give that feeling of nature at home.

artificial and dried flowers

Centerpiece made with Artificial White Magnolia.

Plantas artificiales
Flores artificiales floristería en Valencia

You can visit our other ARTIFICIAL FLOWERS website if you wish.

If you want to purchase some of our compositions online, we have put some of them in the online florist for online purchases.

Plantas artificiales para patios de comunidades de vecinos

We have decorated with artificial plants and flowers:

- Courtyards of Neighborhood Communities.
- Company Offices.
- Restaurants and Bars.
- Hotel Tickets.
- Official and private organizations.
- Commercial Store Windows.

Cuadros con verdes preservados
Plantas artificiales para empresas y oficinas en valencia
decoraciones artificiales
Flores artificiales para cementerios

Do you want to meet us or hire our services?

You can contact us by phone, email or by going to our physical store located at Calle De Jesus, 50 c.p. 46007 in the city of Valencia, you will find us in the store during business hours. We are waiting for you.




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