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Christmas Plant Care.

Christmas is coming and who doesn't buy or get a Christmas plant!!

Red Christmas Plant
Christmas Plant

Originally from Mexico, it has spread throughout our country due to its color and identifying one of the dates of the year "CHRISTMAS", which is why it is known as "EASTER FLOWER".

Your care:

The first thing we have to remember is that it is a living being and needs care as such, so let's not put it in a corner of the house and ignore it, because if not..., so I will tell you some little things. tips.


As every plant needs light to carry out photosynthesis, choose a corner of the house with enough light, but it is not advisable to give it direct sunlight.


Being originally from Mexico, a temperature between 10º and about 26º is advisable; sudden changes in temperature are not good.


Logically, it greatly influences where we have the plant located, if it is a dry, humid environment, if there is a draft, if we have the heating on all day, or the air conditioning, but generally it would be enough to water the Christmas plant about two times a week , but without flooding it, having the soil sufficiently moist would be enough for the plant to do well.

If you notice that the leaves begin to turn somewhat yellow and begin to fall, reduce watering as you most likely do not need as much.

Christmas plant care
Take care of your plant

Also remember that it is not good to have direct drafts. And if you want the plant's leaves to turn red, you would have to keep it in the dark for about 6 hours a day but not counting the hours of the night, this way we would get the plant to produce its leaves with that characteristic color.

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