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By: Floristeria F. La Alqueria Valencia.


We like flowers and when we have a bouquet of flowers at home we want it to last as long as possible, that is why we will explain some basic processes so that the flowers last longer and we can enjoy them.


Normally when we receive or buy flowers we instinctively put them directly in a vase with water and we should not proceed like this because we have to take into account that from the moment the bouquet was created until we get home and put them in water, some time has passed and the stem of the flowers flowers could have dried a little avoiding the absorption process, so we would have to proceed as follows.



1° Remove the cellophane or paper wrapping so that the flowers and greens can breathe and have good ventilation.

2° look for a clean container suitable for the height of the stems to avoid overturning.

3° fill the selected container with clean water between 3 cm and 5 cm, it is not necessary for the water to cover the entire stem.

4° To keep the water cleaner, there is the possibility of putting ¼ of an aspirin tablet or one that contains acidatelene acid in the water, it is not that it will hurt your head but it will prevent the creation of bacteria and thus avoid corrupt the water.

There is also another method to prevent the water from creating bacteria, it is to add just a drop of bleach but only one drop because we must keep in mind that since there is little water if we add more bleach we could spoil the flowers and greens.

5° Before placing the flowers and greens in the water, it is advisable to clean the stems of leaves or branches that could touch the water to prevent the water from spoiling sooner. Once this operation is done, it is best to cut the stems, you can Cutting them diagonally or straight does not matter because the flowers will drink the same. It is only recommended to cut the stems diagonally when they are pierced in a Floral sponge. On this occasion they will be organic, which is what compositions made in water directly are called.

Once this process is completed, place the flowers in the vase. You can place it as you received it or, on the contrary, you can disassemble the bouquet and assemble it in the vase stem by stem to your liking, enjoying the moment by creating your new composition.

6° Repeat steps 3, 4 and 5 approximately every 3 days to improve the quality of the flowers.

In very hot weather, flowers also appreciate a cool environment. If this is not possible, avoid direct sunlight and avoid very hot air so that they last longer at home. You can also put an ice cube in the water like this. You will refresh the bouquet and the flowers will stay longer.

These tips are indicative and are best applied to bouquets with various flowers and greens, below we will explain how to care for specific flower bouquets of only one variety of flowers.



Tulips have stems called bitten, which means that their stem is not so woody and they tend to fall, even if it is a cut flower, they can continue to grow.

Many clients love this type of stem given its natural physiognomy but it is also true that other clients believe that they are flowers that wither sooner, which is why there is a little trick so that the tulip does not lie down and remains straighter, yes. We have liquid copper, we can put a few drops in the water, so with this element what we will do is make the tulip absorb and nourish the stem, keeping it longer.

Normally we do not usually have liquid copper at home but we can replace it with a few euro cent coins because they have copper in their composition, it is not the same result but it is somewhat effective.



Roses are one of the flowers that absorb the most water and that is why we have to be very careful when we put them in water, as I said in the previous lines before putting them in water cut stems first, a curiosity about roses is that their stem It heals very quickly and if the stem is not cut before inserting and a long time has passed without water, the stem will not absorb the water well, running the risk that the flowers will wither sooner. Otherwise enjoy its aroma and color.



Gerberas are one of the most commercialized flowers, due to their shape and variety of colors and to keep them in perfect condition for longer it is very easy, if when you put them in water, in addition to cutting the stem and two or three fingers of clean water, You can add a few drops of alcohol with a strength of about 75° (the one you use to disinfect wounds). This will make the gerberas more lush and colorful.



The process of lilihum flowers is normal, cut the stem, clean the stem of leaves and put in water, a little advice if you accompany the lilihum with greens like Eucalyptus, clean the leaf stems of the eucalyptus well so that it does not touch the water as this Types of greens create a lot of bacteria and make the water in the vase very dirty. There is also another trick if what we want is for the flower to quickly reach a rapid opening point in case the lilihums you have are very closed, it is very simple and effective, add a couple of tablespoons of glucose or sugar to the water in the vase and proceed. to dissolve, place the flower and you will see how the lilihum flowers will open in less time since the sugar enriches this opening process. This little trick works for flowers that have to open but not for flowers that are already born with a process of open opening type roses, daisies, etc... Once the flower is open, do not add more glucose or sugar to the water during the next water change.

Practical tips on maintaining cut flowers and greens for personal use.


F. La Alqueria Valencia.


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