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Outdoor Summer Ceremonies.

Summer is wonderful to celebrate the ideal wedding because the day lengthens longer and we want to be outdoors.

Nothing is more true than this, we also have to take certain precautions when we celebrate the wedding ceremony at noon or almost at dusk because we have to think that until 8 p.m. It is still approximately sunny depending on the month and it can make us feel a little hot. But everything has a remedy and although you may have thought about it, I give you certain recommendations to better quell the heat in the middle of the ceremony.


outdoor civil wedding ceremony
experior wedding

That can help you in your day.


Choosing the space where you will celebrate is important, preferably with grass and trees with shade for the guests, but if there are no trees, nothing happens; the hall will surely have it in mind for that and they will provide you with umbrellas that don't look bad either and above all They do their job.


The flowers to decorate the ceremony are as important as everything else, since flowers with a lot of color and without harmony are not the same, making the decoration visually heavier and giving the feeling of more warmth to the environment, which is why we recommend, in addition to their meaning flowers in light or white tones so the feeling will be fresher for a day that will probably be hot.

petals at the wedding ceremony
Civil Wedding Decoration


Taking into account that normally at weddings at the entrance of the aisle, rice is placed for when the bride and groom are already married, petals, handkerchiefs of happiness, pompers, this space is also usually used to place fans so that the guests when As they arrive they can pick them up so they can fan themselves and make the ceremony more pleasant, which I assure you they appreciate and if you have been to a wedding you know this well.

wedding decoration accessories
Decoration details

Head of the ceremony, where the accessories are placed for the guests and they can pick them up.

rice and petals at weddings
Rice a tradition at weddings

refresh your guests on hot days
soft drinks for summer days


We have decorated countless ceremonies in Summer and in few weddings they usually do this, but the truth is that the guests appreciate it especially when it is very hot and here in Valencia the humidity is also accentuated, which is why offering a snack before or during The wedding celebration is ideal, even if it is a bottle of fresh water to quench thirst. Think about it carefully and discuss it with the venue where you are celebrating your wedding.

covers heels for guests
Be careful with your heels on the grass


It is true that there are many elements to take into account when performing the ceremony outside and also if the ground is natural grass. That is why people who wear shoes with heels can find it a pain to walk in them on the grass. It really all depends on the state of the grass, if it is freshly cut and watered, which is normally how it usually is, so that it is in perfect condition for your wedding. So don't worry because, as you know, you have heel covers for shoes that are inexpensive and thus you will prevent the occasional trip of your guests. You have them in many forms but the important thing is that they do their job.


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