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Orchid "Phalaenopsis"

This Orchid is the most sold on the market, so I will tell you some tips and basic curiosities about it.

Natural indoor plant
Natural plants good for indoors


Original from the Southeast Asian area such as the Himalayas, the Philippines, Indonesia, etc...

Its roots are aerial, common soil is not advisable, because through the roots they also carry out the process of photosynthesis, the best thing to have them at home is with a transparent pot so that the light reaches the roots perfectly, I advise It is possible that the soil is special for orchids, spongy and with bark, as it is the best for them.

vibrant flowers
vibrant colors


- About watering the plant logically

Taking into account that the plant has to adapt to the environment where we put it, it is important to take into account the light in the room, with enough clarity so that it can carry out photosynthesis, but it is not advisable to place it in direct sunlight.

- The humidity of the plant is important and not to be confused with irrigation, taking into account that it is native to areas with a climate with a high humidity index, we would have to try to keep the plant at around 60% approximately. how to get this? It is not easy to create this at home, in winter it is surely easier but on hot summer days with hot and dry air it would be advisable to spray the roots and leaves with water every or almost every day, but controlling the watering more.

- Another precaution is if we have air conditioning equipment in the room, since these equipment extract humidity from the environment, a good tip is to recover this water from the air conditioning and use it.

White flower
White flowers


- The ideal temperature for this plant inside the house would be between 15° and 30°, taking into account that sudden changes in temperature are not good and another piece of advice would be if the temperature is below 18° we would have to reduce the frequency of watering. .

- The flowers of this plant last a long time, one month, three or even a few more months. When the plant loses all the flowers, it usually has the branches drying out. It would be advisable to dry the entire branch so that it has another process. of growth but we can, if we wish, stop this process by cutting above a bud so that the plant takes another one from that point.

- Why don't I get flowers?... There could be many factors, although it is true that the flowers last a long time, it is also true that it is difficult for it to bloom again, no matter how much we say... I'm telling you. what I do with mine. When they lose all the flowers, I let them rest for months, I take care of them the same as always and I begin to water them with a little vitamins for orchids, and thus the flowering process begins with new stems, sometimes they make two or three flowers or sometimes a few. 15 to 18. It depends.

- Is it necessary to change the soil?... If the plant has taken out many roots and protrudes too much from the container, if you wish, you can change it to a larger one. My advice is to do it when the plant does not have flowers so that it suffers as much as possible. minimum and in a transparent container or one that allows light to reach the roots.

I hope I have helped you even a little, and remember that a plant is a living being and needs certain care.

take care of your plant
plant care


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